left pain like a stitch type pain

by adele

this been gonig on for months on and off when i walk i get left side pain like a stitch now its there all the time wen i move when im sitting more so when ive eaten i have a gastic band 2years postop now ive had xarays ect they saying the band maybe bit tight as the pain i get also is around the port area under the breast bone middle top of tummy i get bloated alot when i go for a wee the pain still there i have trouble gonig to tolilet for a poo every so offtern have tablets for this or take prune juice when igo to tilet the tummy aches still present through out the day eases off around dinner time then comes back afternoon its worse of a morning tummy aching my gps refered me for a mri scan of whole body he mentioned gall stones but im not to sure thats the problem acid reflux i dont get but i do have my dinner bit late of a night and still stuggle to eat but i do forsce it down so i probley over eating alittle to i dont get alot of wind ither cant putmy finger on the problem the pain more in left side have sum in right to and above my belly button and rounfd the port area which is raised feels warm to touch blood test all cum back fine

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Nov 28, 2013
by adele
by: Anonymous

I could not understand a word you wrote. I still feel for you and your pain.

Nov 19, 2012
Left Side stitch pain
by: Cousinal

I too have been suffering from left side pain like a stitch for 11 months now. The pain comes on usually in the evenings and stays for hours. Usually goes overnight once i fall asleep - I have been back to the Dr (GP) many times with this. I had a gastric band in 2009 and haven't had any problems - is this related? My weight loss has been pretty stable for about a year now - I hae had a baby 20months ago at which time the band was emtied and re-filled in June 2011. Its interesting this post has a band too and similar problems. I haven't been back to the weight loss clinic as when i called them and spoke with the nurse she felt it was unlikely and like her i thought any GP would blame the band on my symptoms - I was reluctant to disclose this to my GP for some time. I don't think my restriction is too much and i honestly think its ok. However this persistent problem is getting me down My GP has done all kinds of blood tests and Ultra SOund as likewise thought it could be Gallstones - this was ruled out at US. They are now treating me for spastic bowel/IBS. i am still not convinced as the drugs don't seem to work. the pain is back with a vengeance - stitch like in feeling always in the same place - radiates towards my back. Relieved slightly by lying on that side - sometimes feel like i've been winded. I am wondering now what to do. I am taking amatryptaline, and anti spasmodic drugs - i am not sure they are doing anything. Would love to know what i can do next..

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