left hand pain in abdominal region in line with belly button

by Lynne
(Johannesburg,South Africa)

Female, aged 64 years of age, always been very healthy and strong, been to various doctors (general practitioner, gynaecologist) quite a few times, but tests reveal nothing, except for a small polyp in fallopian tube which is going to be removed. Started after using chain saw to cut tree. Pain always remains in left side of abdomen, in line with the belly button, but sometimes moves across the stomach as if in a belt, also can move into upper legs. Tender in area where pain is. When pushing into both sides of waist it feels tender. Initially thought it could be muscular, due to use of chain saw, but after using anti inflammatory for about 2 weeks there was no improvement. Using chain saw occurred about 4 months ago. Assumed if pain was muscular it should have healed by now? Sometimes pain moves into groin/top of legs/top of left bum side. Lower back also sometimes pains. Pain is not sharp or aching in general, but very much like a pain experienced when you have a stitch from exercise. Sometimes pain can be very intense, almost debilitating and then just like a normal stitch pain. If it gets too uncomfortable, she can move around and it seems to abate for a while.

Hi Lynne,

Thank you for taking the time to stop by here to discuss this annoying left side abdominal pain you have been suffering with for about four months now.

I agree with you that if this were due to a muscular problem, it should have gone away now, after four months.

Constipation, IBS or Diverticulitis disease is not likely from the symptoms described. That the pain comes sometime "moves into groin, top of legs, top of left bum side" and intermittent, it sounds very much to me that this pain has it's origin from your ovary or tubes.

Twisted ovarian cyst or polyp on your fallopian tube can give rise to such pain.

I think the best thing to do is have the polyp removed and hopefully, that should cure the symptom. Hopefully, during the surgery, the surgeon (gynecologist) can take a look at your left ovary and ascertain that it is healthy and not causing any problem.

Please let's know how things went.

Best Wishes.

Dr O Edema


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