by Kathy

Hi,I'm a 57 year old female on medication for high BP and just had a lateral menescus repair a week a go.

Since June I've had terrible pain in the lower left abdomen. Sometimes I place my hand on the area just to keep gravity from pulling and I hold the area "in".

When I try to have a bowel movement (which is usually unsuccessful due to pain), if I once again place my hand on the area and push in, I can at least try to pass gas or have a BM. When gas is rolling around it feels like I have a raging inferno in my belly.

This is the 3rd time it's happened since June and it's happening now.

Other Info:

75m Vicodine 3-4 times a day for pain after surgery.

Hello Kathy,

I am sorry to learn about your left sided abdominal pain that burns like a "raging inferno" It sounds like you need to be tested for possible diverticulosis of your sigmoid colon. You most likely will need a panel of routine blood tests,urine dipstick, and CT scan of the abdomen.

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