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by jane
(willtshire UK)

i first had a problem in Nov 2009 when i was kept awake at night after some high fat meals. The pain subsided after about 3-4 hrs. After the 3rd. attack I visited the GP who sent me for an ultra sound scan whicj=h showed evidence of stones in my gall bladder. I tried not to eat too much meat and also cut down on fatty foods (a bit). I had no problems for about a year and then about 4 weeks ago after being out to dinner for the 3rd day running where i ate some very cramy puds I had a bad episode. It lasted about 9hrs and so I went back to GP who said i woould need to have my gall bladder out. I asked for another scan and have just had it today. The radiologist said he thought it was a tough call as I do have stones but there is no infection or anything.
I am reluctant to have surgery unless necessary but wonder if being stricter with my self about my diet will be likely to stop a stone getting trapped and causing me more serious problems. most medics I know say I should have the op but as I don't feel ill I am reluctant to go through with it.
I am 58, a bit overweight (but on a diet now!) and not on any other medication.
Any advice would be helpful. I have a meeting with the surgeon next week to discuss the test results...

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