jamie browne

by Jamie Browne

my ame is jamie browne i am a 55 year old female who is currently taking 10 mg. lisinopril once daily for high blood pressure and 300 mg neurontjn three times daily for nerve pain in my abdominal area.my abdominal surgeries started with a ruptured appendix at the age of 16.i am not allergic to any medications. i had a failed tubal ligation in 1984 which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy where i had to have emergengy surgery which resulted in having my tubes removed.in 2004 i had my first hernia repair with mesh implanted, the hernia recurred in 2010 and at the same time was suffering with amenorrea(constant bleeding) i continued to bleed for 5 months straight only to be repeatedly told by my primary care phycician that i was going through menopause.during this time my stomach looked like i was about 5 months pregnant and i was in constant pain! i was feeling so weak and so bad one day i made a trip to er to find uot what was happening to me.long story short my iron level had dropped to 3 and had to have blood tranfusion immediately,was referred to ob at hospital and given an ulrrasound which uncovered a cantolope sized tumor which was causing all the bleeding on top of having a huge hernia.had to wait almost a year to get a surgery date because the surgeons we trying to collaborate on how to do the surgery during which time im in excuriating pain.i finally got a date had a hysterectomy and hernia repair done at the same time. the ob did her part first in which she gave me what they call a bikini cut where i was cut across form side to side right above my pelvic are then the general surgeon cut me straight down the middle below my breast to where the 2 incisions met.

my scar was like an upside down t. after about 10 to 15 days the removed the staples from the incision and all hell broke loose! my stomach opened up and it resulted in me having a huge hole in my abdomen. i spent 75 days in hte hospital and ended up having to come home wiyh a nurse. 1 week of being at home i had to return to er because of a foul odor coming from wound. had to be readmitted in hospital to have dead tissue removed from wound. spent another week in hospital. a week later returned to surgeon for check up not knowing that i would not return home that day but had to be readmitted again for more surgery because there was more infection deep down in the wound, spent another week in hospital. ended up wearing a wound vac and having to have a nurse take care of me for nine months. shortly afterthis ordeal started having pain in my abdomen again ct scan revealed i had developed several more hernias. was told i would need further surgery to repair these but i had to wait a while because i was too weak to undergo at this time. ended up having abdominal wall reconstructiin along with hernia repair and new mesh implanted.it has been 9 mnths since this last surgery and i had be feeling pretty good.recently started having very bad abdominal spasms which sent me back to doctor.had ct scan which didnt show any recurrence of hernias but a lot of adhesions. was told the only way to get rid of adhesions is surgery and the down side of that is surgery can cause more adhesions. i have been through enough with being cut in my abdominal area and am looking for ways to eliminate the pain without surgery.do you have any information that can help me?

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