I don't know what's wrong

by Jelgab
(Alberta Canada )

For 5 days now I have had on and off sharp lower abdominal pain. I have a constant dull pain but every hour or so I get sharp pains that last for about 30-60 mins. When I push on my lower right abdomen there is a gurgling sound and feeling. I feel nauseated. I feel hot. I am 13. The fist and third day of pain I had diarrhea. And today (the 5 day of pain) I just started my period. The flu has been going around my house so it could just be that. And my family has a history of cancer. ~Jelgab

Dear Jelgab,

Thank you for your post here.

The pain you are describing here is most likely due to what doctors refer to as corpus luteum cyst.

Corpus luteum cysts are a type of cyst in the ovary, which are the empty shell from which a "egg" is released. It grows for a while, and then ruptures at about the same time of menstruation, causing the type of pain you described.

The pain should settle on it's own. Should it still continue after the next few days, or if it getting worse, you need to see your doctor immediately. Sometimes, the cyst could become twisted, causing severe pain spreading to the upper thigh and leg.

It is important you see the doctor if you still having the pain by today, to also exclude other condition like appendicitis.

This pain has nothing to do with cancer, Jelgab, despite the history of cancer in the family, but thanks for including that information. I can see your concerns.

Please seek help if this pain is not gone, by the time you receive this response - you posted your query last night didn't you?

Thanks again for visiting us here at abdopain.com.

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Apr 19, 2016
lower right abdominal pain
by: Anonymous

Hi. I'm a woman in my 30s and so far had pain lower right of my stomach since Sunday evening. Yesterday when I'd go to the washroom, I found it became a bit uncomfortable severe all day. And last night and this morning, my stomach became very bloated. When I tried going to bathrpom, I felt constipated and still had this slight pain.

I couldn't sleep well last night because of the pain and bloating sensation.

I'm not sure if it's bladder infection or Appendicitis or...

Not first time I had pain like this.

When I had uti just few months ago, I had similar but it was excruciating and could barely move at that time.

This is still just a little pain. Should I see the doctor or go to the emergency.

May 14, 2014
right sided abdominal pain
by: bridget

A dull ache continuous for approx. 3 weeks with sharp intermittent pain which makes me stop what I am doing. I am not constipated or suffer with diarrohea. I get very bloated and suffer with wind after a bowel movement but this is long standing. I would appreciate if you could reply to me with your opinion many thanks Bridget

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