How to Lose Weight Effectively

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Dieting on your own can be extremely difficult, which is why many people flock to established diets to fast track their weight loss and learn about weight maintenance. There are diet plans out there that have become popular after celebrities used them to get rid of their excess weight, or baby weight in some cases. Examples are Atkins diet, South Beach diet and Weight Watchers.

No matter what kind of diet plan you are planning to try, you need to have a solid plan in order to avoid wasting your time and your money. Read on for some thoughts on why some people consistently lose weight each week and others are still struggling.

Avoid Fad Dieting

If you have tried each and every diet program out there in a month, you may be a victim of fad dieting. Fad diets are those that are said to be popular only because of marketing with no apparent results. But some people interpret ‘fad diet’ as something that you cannot stick to. Imagine ordering a month’s worth of supply from a popular diet food company then changing your mind halfway through because you’re not seeing results. It’s probably not the diet that’s the problem but your tendency to become impatient with the weight loss promise and revert back to your usual eating pattern.

Consistent Weight Loss Weekly

Some shed weight faster than others, while there are others that can only lose a pound a week and are happy with it. As long as you are reducing weight and not adding weight every week, you should see that as progress. The media’s depiction of a weight loss success story is part of the reason why people get disillusioned with their diets fast. While some of the success stories are real, the shrinking of the waistline in the before and after photos may have been a result of serious dieting that spanned weeks and months, even years.

Change Your Lifestyle

If you’re a dieter, you probably know enough to avoid the kind of food you used to eat in the past. Changing your lifestyle is unavoidable if you want to lose weight consistently. You may be wondering what you can eat now that your new diet plan is taking away most of the things you used to eat on a daily basis in the past. There are many recipes over the net for dieters looking for substitutes to their usual dishes. Some examples of healthy substitutes are tofu, which is usually a substitute for meat; and yogurt, which is a great substitute for mayonnaise and cream.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at Rockwell Nutrition is a leading online retailer of Pharmax probiotics.

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