High MCV, Chronic fatigue syndrome - all other test are normal

(San Diego)


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia around 5 years ago with slightly elevated ANA.

I do have Chronic fatigue syndrome as well and I'm wondering if the Chronic fatigue is from the high MCV count(102.1)?

I do have the MTHFR mutation A1298C and I'm also wondering if that could be the cause of the high MCV. the only blood issues that run in the family is Polycythemia which my maternal grandmother had.

In 2015 my MCV levels were normal and the only issue was low Vitamin D and 1:320 ANA. I was told I just had high ANA levels naturally and the cause of my body pain and fatigue was fibro.

I recently went to see a new doctor and now all test are normal including the ANA except for the MCV count and low uric acid. My B-12 and folate levels are normal and I'm not a drinker (I have maybe a few drinks a month)

The past year I have experienced a sprained ligament in my hip and clavicle muscle attachment inflammation from unknown causes, I just woke up with these issues that I am still dealing with.

If all other test are normal what could be the cause of a high MCV count?

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