by Alice Capper
(Poplar Bluff, Mo)

I,m a 61yr old female who has had 4 Hernia surgery. I,m having Very bad pains in my right side of belly. It hurts all the time even when trying to walk! I,m not seeing a lump as i did with the others. The pain is constant now. What can or should i do? Thank you

Dear Alice,

I am sorry to learn about your belly pain. You certainly should see your doctor as soon as possible to be examined, as this could be a recurrence o your hernia, or perhaps pain from adhesions or partial bowel tangling from previous operations.

Have you had your appendix removed? Appendicitis could also be the cause of your right side belly pain.

Please see what are the symptoms of appendicitis and signs to look out for that might suggest you may be have appendicitis.

Please whatever the case, see your doctor as soon as possible - one cannot be too careful. Can we?

I hope we get to the bottom of what is causing your abdominal pain and get it sorted on time too.

Best Wishes.


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