Have had on appendectomy as a teenager and at 54 yo felt the same symptoms at the left lower abominal quadrant

by Brian P Brady
(Odessa, Tx, USA)

Woke 3 days ago with acute pain at the left lower abdominal quadrant and had to urinate badly. Had pain on my left side as I got out of bed and walked to the bath room. Had sharp pain standing and urinating at the left lower abdominal quadrant which then became worse as I walked back to the bed room. The symptoms which now felt like cramps and were sharp eased as I lied still in bed for a few moments.

Went to MD later in the day and explained my symptoms. He questioned me and I told him I had an appendectomy when I was 16 yo. My vitals were all checked to be normal. He then had me lie down on my back and began to palpate my abdomen at which time he got to my lower left side and I nearly came of the examine table with pain.

I told the MD this was the same type of pain I had when I was a kid when a family pediatrician had my mother palpate my abdomen but on the right side of my abdomen. I can remember to this day I reacted the same way. I nearly came off the bed!

MD prescribed pain medication and ordered a CT Scan and the dx of Epiploic appendagitis was confirmed following scan.

I am presently 3 days out from onset of symptoms. Hope this resolves like I have read in 7 to 10 days because my oldest son gets married in 2 weeks!!!

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