gallbladder surgery scar

by Jasmina

Gallbladder surgery scares: are these scars permanent and will not vanish?

I have a large gall bladder stone and doctors told me that i have to remove it. I am afraid this may leave scars over my body especially that i have a vermiform appendix removal scar too. Please tell me if this will never be recovered or not? and how long does it take to vanish if it does? Thanks in advance.


Dear Jasmina,

Gall bladder stones can now be removed through key hole (also called laparoscopic or minimally invasive) surgery.

This option, though cannot be guaranteed for every case, is rapidly becoming the standard of care in many parts of the world, and usually leaves very little scar.

Is this something you could discuss with your surgeon in Oman?

The alternative would be to do an open surgery where you are guaranteed to have a reasonably large scar left behind.

Either way, if you compare the gallbladder surgery scar to the potential for rupture of your gallbladder or any other possible complications that could arise from not having the surgery, choosing to operate could be the wiser thing to do. What do you think?

Many people have found out that after an operation, they are able to dramatically reduce their post surgical scar by the use of Bio-Oil.

Thank you for contacting us and I hope you found this useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require any further information on this issue with post surgical scar or any other medical concerns here at

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Jan 27, 2016
Severe Abdominal Pain After Having A Baby 20 Months Ago

Dear Contributor,

Thank you for posting your concerns here.

There are several possible reasons why you might be having this severe abdominal pain you described here. The cause of the pain could be anything from kidney stone to gallbladder stone or ectopic pregnancy. Because you said you have had no periods for months, it is important to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

I would strongly recommend that you go in to see a healthcare provider if this pain does not get better within an hour of the onset.

They would be able to take a detailed medical history from you, do a physical examination of your abdomen and if needed perform other tests to establish the possible cause of your pain.

I hope this helps.

Please kindly let us know when you are well how things went.

Thank you again.

Jan 27, 2016
Stomach Pain
by: Anonymous

i am a 24 year old female with 1yr8months daugter, i gave birth through a C-Section, still breastfeeding her,the last time i saw my periods was after i gave birth,for the past 5 days i have a terrilbe pain on my stomach,sore even when i touch it,the pain is almost as strong as the labour pains,its even painful to talk as i have to breathe,Kindly advise how serious is my pain,and should i be worried?

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