gallbladder problems

by Morgan
(Wisconsin )

Help me please. Hi I'm 25 years old female who just had a son 6months ago and with my pregnancy I had gallbladder problems.

Well since giving birth these pains started to come again. I've had ct scan, X-ray, and hida scan and they all came back normal. But I still get the pain randomly but normally once I get it it last about a week and goes away.

I also get nausea, and it hurts to push where the pain is. I ask my doctor if it's not my gallblabber what could it be. And her exact words were idk everything.

I'm scared it could be cancer or something serious. The pain is on my right side like 8 inches above my belly button . Any help would greatly appreciated( oh I also have hypothyroidism )

Hello Morgan,

I can see that you are really worried about the pain on your right side about "8 inches above my belly button".

The pain you described does sound like one due to gallstones, but it could as well be due to several other things.

I must mention here that it is very very much unlikely that it is due to cancer. Even though cancer does occur at any age, it is less likely in a usually healthy 25 year old.

It a shame that half of the time, the cause of an abdominal pain will never be found. But what is important to to exclude a cause of abdominal pain that is potentially dangerous. With the HIDA scan, CT and X-ray done, as well as some blood tests, I believe, if you had something "dangerous", there would have been lead to it.

Why not see you doctor for good pain control, and period re-evaluation and testing?

I hope this helps a little.

Please do not hesitate to come back to us, should you have any other concerns or request.

Dr. O. Edema

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Feb 20, 2011
Right rib pain
by: Worriedmotherofthree

I have recently noticed a pain under my right rib which was more of an irritation.. But in the last week my right rib feels bruised and after my evening meal the pain is there and lasts hours. The pain is definately now more orca pain not an irritation. I do eat large evening meals and I am a bit overweight. I'm a 32 year old woman, who apart from feeling tired all the time is generally active and healthy. I am getting worried about this pain. is there anything I should do to try and alleviate the symptoms? Any food to avoid etc?

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