Gall bladder flush

by A Walsh
(Johannesburg South Africa)

Over the past few days, I have experienced about 4 or five bouts of quite severe, sudden abdominal pain, in the upper right hand abdomen, roughly half way between the breast and the waist.

It is a wave-like pain, but has subsided every time. I feel no other ill effects. My corneas are not yellow, I do not have a fever, do not feel ill.

I am a female, 56 years old, of very fair skin (but reddish hair), am in menopause, 1.5 m in height and 56kg in weight.

What action should I take?

Perform a gall bladder flush (epsom salts and olive oil)?

Blood pressure: usually rather low. On no medications (recently ceased HRT - Activille?? - as this resulted in constant bleeding.)

Have no medical conditions that I know of, am on no medication at all, reasonably fit (exercise 3-4 times a week.)

Diet: vegetarian

Have never had any surgery.

Hello Mrs Walsh.

The pain you describe certainly does sound like that of biliary colic - gallstones.

Before going off to perform a gall bladder flush, I will actually try to have this pain diagnosed. There are other things that could mimic a gallstone.

Why not arrange to be seen and examined by a physician? Perhaps an ultrasound scan might be necessary.

In the main time, if you have the pain, take some painkiller and seek urgent medical attention. What do you think?

Thanks for contacting us.

Dr. O. Edema WebMD

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