Frightened by Upper Central Abdominal Pain

by BJ



• Where exactly is this pain (part of abdomen or stomach)

Upper stomach under my breastbone.

• When it all started and for how long has it been going on for?

I started noticing it about two or three days ago.

• Is the pain mild, moderate or severe?


• What is the character of the pain - is it sharp, burning or a dull ache? Is it like a knife cutting through the stomach to the back?

It is a dull ache. I only feel pain when I press on the upper part of my stomach - other than that - it is dull in feeling along with a feeling of dizziness, headache, and nausea.

• Is the pain always there or does it tend to be worse at a particular time of the day or night or after eating, etc?

Mostly when I am lying down but lately its been constant

• Does the pain spread to anywhere else - to the side, or back or not?

No - it does not spread.

• What makes the pain better - food or pain killers?

I haven't noticed and I haven't taken anything for it - I have taken something for the headaches and that seems to help.

• What makes it worse?

There is no worse.

• Has there been any recent intake of large amount of alcohol or spicy food? Have you been particularly more stressed recently?

Yes - stressed.

• Is there any associated vomiting or change in bowel habit?

No - just a feeling of nausea.

• Is there any change in the colour of your stool? Is there blood in your stool?

Not that I can see.

•Have you been losing weight unintentionally in the past few weeks or months?


• What is your past medical history like?

No major problems - I have HBP.

• Are you on any medications?

Yes - amlodipine for the HBP.

• Do you suffer with any allergy?


• And indeed any other relevant information or description of the pain you can provide.

If I am lying down and press on my upper stomach under my breastbone, I feel pain.

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