forever miserable

by brandy

i have been suffering from a stomach condition for more than a year and a half now, no doctors or specialists seem to find anything wrong in blood, urine, m.r.i...x ray...what could be wrong? ...i also have a lump or mass close to my anal opening but not in my rectum or on the skin, it is in the skin deep, i have had consistent constipation and have a hard time urinating, also weight loss and a lot of bubbling in my stomach all the time plus I've had rectal bleeding a few times where the toilet bowl was cherry red and other times when i wipe and only see a tint of blood streaks also no solid bowel movements in about a year now someone help me before i die

Hi Brandy,

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You may want to follow the following guidelines to help improve your chances of been responded to, especially since you need help with getting to the root of your symptoms.

" Provide as detailed description of your symptoms, including

Exactly when they started,
Where in your abdomen is the pain - right side, left side, upper abdomen, etc?
Is the pain always there, is it sharp, does it spread anywhere, is there anything that makes the pain worse or better?
What happened there after,
Any other associated problems like vomiting, any change in bowel habit, blood or mucus in your stool if any,
Weight loss if any,
How is it affecting your life,
What your thoughts are about the symptoms,
Your greatest fears or concerns,
And hopefully, what exactly you hope we do for you.
Your age,
Past medical history if any and list of medications you take as well as history of allergy will also help. The more you tell our doctor, the better picture they can create and help to, where possible, come to a list of possibilities."

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