extreme pain on his left side, just about 1-2 inches above navel

by Mom
(North Carolina)

I'm very worried about my son who just turned 18. For several months he's been having extreme pain on his left side, just about 1-2 inches above navel.

I've taken him to 3 doctors.....he's had an ultrasound that didn't show anything, but I can see it when it hurts him. It swells slightly, feels pulsating, and hurts him!

He can sometimes make strange noises with it too. I feared it may be a hernia, but wouldn't that show in an ultrasound?

He's been to GP, hematologist and surgeon...Surgeon treated him for H Pylori without testing him for it, but wanted to treat him for a peptic ulcer in case that's what it is...He did a strong regime of antibiotics, with no effects.

He has a small navel hernia which surgeon said he could operate on and take a look inside up higher where the pain is. I thought that sounded rather invasive at the time........but I am really worried and don't know what to do to help him now.

He's extremely thin and very tall.....which happened rapidly.

What would you suggest? If it is a rare occurence of a sort, what kind of doctor could diagnosis that?

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