Extreme Abdominal Pain on My Right Side

by D
(Mission Viejo California USA)

I'm 19 and just 3 days ago this pain started.

For the first 4 hours it was negligible, but I felt it, and it was slowly getting worse. On the second day, it was hard to work. I work in the bakery at Albertsons, so I do a lot of bending over, picking up, and twisting.

The pain was very hard to put up with and had me working at lest than half the speed I usually work at. After getting home, I went to bed, only to find that laying down made the pain worse! I had trouble falling asleep, and woke up numerous times due to the pain.

Now, on my third day, I had to take 800mg of Advil to function. Even with that dose, the pain was still there, just not as bad. Now the Advil has worn off and just breathing hurts. The pain goes from just under my right abs, all the way up to my neck, and my shoulder.

I can't inhale very far and don't want to move because of the pain. I'm just typing this from holding my iPad above my torso. I'm afraid that this may be something real bad as it has gotten worse and worse.

I have Epilepsy and ADHD and take Lamotragine for the seizures and Adderall for the ADHD. I have no known allergies to medications and have not had any surgeries.

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