experiencing pain in so many areas of my body I'm starting to feel fear

by Paul

Hello, I have been recently experiencing pain in so many areas of my body I'm starting to feel fear.

About 2 weeks back I started experiencing these shocking/stabbing pains in my groin area that last for 3 days, they were on and off but finally went away.

About 5 days ago I started feeling chest pain on my left side and today I feel it on my right side, its like a squeezing pain that last for 10-20 seconds and goes away. I also feel discomfort in my liver/gallbladder area, 4 days ago after eating ice cream, milk and cereal, I started experiencing stabbing pains in my liver area, it was very painful, and afterwards I started itching all over my body.

I have also had this strange pulsating in my head/ears whenever I lay down to go to sleep, its like i hear the blood rushing to my head, the sound is in my ears, it wouldnt let me sleep for 3 days but now has somewhat gone away but still remains.

I have also noticed that I have a slight tremor in my head thats goes No-no, pause, No-no, side to side movement, its very tiny and I only notice it when I keep my head perfectly still and only with my glasses on can I notice that my frame is shaking side to side.

I know this is so many symptoms but Ive been writing everything down so I dont forget what to tell my doctor come Saturday.

What could possibly be wrong with me? Im only 25 years old, male, 6'2, weight is 160 and dropping it seems, my appetite is gone and when I do feel hungry I try not to eat because it seems like the pain starts back up in my liver area after I do, I eat healthy for the most part, no fast food, salads, turkey, tuna, chicken, etc...I went to the doctor for a yearly physical back in jan 2012, the physical and blood work came back fine.

I went back to the doctor only 1 week ago and explained to him that I was having these groin stabbing pains he ran a Ultrasound of my liver/kidneys/groin area and everything came back fine but he did find a small cyst in my groin area and said its nothing to worry about at the moment.

I am going back to him on sat this week for bloodwork to be done.

Thank you for reading, any information would be greatly beneficial to my well being.

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