Experience With Developing Epiploic Appendagitis

I developed a slight pain on my let side about 6 days ago, as the day went on it got worse.

By Sunday morning it hurt to walk, yawn or just any movement hurt.

I went to Urgent Care and was told that it was probably diverticulitis and was given 2 prescriptions, but was also told because the pain was so severe that I should have a CT. So to the ER I went.

CT was done and a Dr was called in. He immediately knew what it was. Epiploic Appendagitis on my Transverse Colon. I had no fever no vomiting and blood tests were normal.

Because I was having so much pain, they admitted me and started me on an intrav. antibiotic. I was sent home in 2 days with an oral antibiotic for 7 days. Feeling better, but still some slight discomfort.

Apparently this can take a while to heal. The only think I can think of that may have caused this is I had lifted and moved a lot of heavy furniture the prior week. Which I did read strenuous exercise may cause this, also obesity and or weight loss, both of which I have.

I am not hugely obese need to loose about 40 pounds and I have lost 10 so far, so don't know which of these may have caused or if all could have been contributing.

I was feeling great before this onset.

Thank goodness I had a great Dr. and that he did not over react and cause undo surgery.

What he explained to me is exactly what I have been reading here.

Will be glad though when this is completely gone!

My Dr did however say that it may never come back or could reoccur at any time.

Let's up it is the latter.

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