Examples of central stomach pain

by Annonymous
(New York)

Though central abdominal pain could present in various forms from individual to individual, the symptoms and sign depends on the cause. We bring you a few examples of how some of the common causes of central abdominal pain might come on:

Emma is 36. She developed stabbing central abdominal pain which comes on and goes off in the last two weeks. Eating makes the pain worse, and this pain wakes her up in the middle of night between 23:00 and 03:00 Hours. The pain spreads through to her back between the shoulder blades. She feels sick and actually vomited on an occasion. Because of the pain in her central abdomen, Emma is scared of eating, and has lost some weight. What could this be?She saw her doctor who suspected she may be having stomach ulcer. She was given a prescription of lanzoprazole 30mg daily and an arrangement was made for a camera test to see her stomach and upper small intestine.

A diagnosis of stomach ulcer was confirmed on endoscopy, and she continued on the Lansoprazole, along with Rannitidine 150mg twice daily for 6 weeks. She was cured of her ulcer pain.

Georgina, 23 has been out with friends two days earlier drinking.

She developed severe burning central abdominal pain. Sharp "as if I am being stabbed with a knife". She felt nauseated but did not actually vomit.

On checking into her local Emergency Department, she was diagnosed with Gastritis, which is inflammation of her stomach or erosion of the lining of the stomach.

What about Hannah? She is 17. Came in to see the doctor because of this pain in the center of the abdomen since last night. Pain is mainly around the navel of umbilicus. It is dull in character, continues. Hannah feels unwell in herself, not keen on eating despite having a very healthy appetite before now. She has now started feeling some pain around the right lower abdomen. The pain is worse when she moves. She opens her bowel normally and no problem passing urine.

Following the examination by the doctor, she was found to have lost her appetite around the same time she developed the "stomach pain" and she is very tender on the right lower abdomen.She was suspected to have appendicitis, sent to see the surgeons who arranged for her to have an emergency operation that evening to remove her appendix.

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