Epiploic Appendagitis: My Personal Experience

by Deanne
(Battle Ground, WA, USA)

I started having pain in my right abdomen on a Thursday and thought I must have strained a muscle somehow.

On Friday morning, the pain was much worse and I had several episodes of severe pain, so I decided to go to urgent care at my regular clinic.

No nausea, vomiting or temperature. They did a urine test and an exam, and the doctor suspected appendicitis.

Urine test was normal Since their radiology dept was not open (it was 5:30 pm) she recommended that I go to the emergency room at the hospital and called ahead with my information.

She said second option would be to just wait and see, but she did not recommend that as there could be a danger to that if it was appendicitis. Hospital took blood for testing and did a CT scan.

Blood work came out normal, and after looking at the CT scan dr determined that it was epiploic appendagitis. Given two prescriptions for pain (Vicodin and Motrin) and told that it would clear up within a few days.

Very good medical services at both clinic and hospital. Felt a little silly when all done as it wasn't anything serious, but didn't want to have any issues and become worse over the weekend.

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