Epiploic Appendagitis knowing what the issue is.

my husband is still having pain,3-10.

after all the tests,every test imaginable,still no diagnosis,still having pain....my thought today,taking him off statin drugs,could be skeletal,or mascular.started in his right side,just where his bottom rib is,and the pain went around to the back....he had,blood tests,mri,cat scan, gall bladder scan,he has had no fever,no throwing up,but he has been constipated a lot for a long time,he also has copd,is very anvious,tense,nervous,has hardening off the arteries,has 3 stints.all in and around his heart....the doctor he has not founf out what this is.can you help? this epiploic appendagitus sounds close to what is going on,....also when he was 17 he had acute appendacitus,had emergency surgery,was told they removed his appendage,but after this recent MRI,his appendages\ is still there thank you so much

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