Endometrosis help Please!

by Alisha
(Petawawa Ont)

I have been having pain in my right side lower area for like 3 months now. comes and gos. when it comes it lasts a week.

I usually feel worse in the morning and night. it hurts to press on the area. i have had endometrosis and had surgery to burn the cysts off.

I have been in and out of the hospital with this. They are not looking hard enough obviously.

Its not normal to have this constantly. i also have been constipated for like 5 years. barely go. i go for one really good one once a week that's about it. i drink lots of water and eat lots of fiber. i am soo tired of figuring out whats wrong with me. i am in pain
please help me

Hi Alisha

It sounds like you are still grappling with endometrosis or it's complications. Sometimes, surgery alone (ablation as in your case)is not enough to clear endometrosis.
You may need adjuvant medication / hormone therapy. This is am option you could explore with your health care provider.

Adhesions caused by endometrosis could result in intermittent abdominal pain and constipation.

Even where treatment has been excellent (as it may well have been in your case), recurrence of endometrosis is common, and up to 1 in every four women who had their endometrosis treated completely could have it coming back again!

The key here is loads of patience, and work closely with your doctor to get things under control.

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Mar 20, 2013
I have Endometriosis, too.
by: Anonymous

I had stage 4 endometriosis removed with laparoscopic surgery two years ago. I used to have constipation problems as well. My Doc. put me on the pill (Mononessa) continuously. I only do the "off week" once a year. I am done having children, so this was a good option. Since my surgery & being on the pill continuously, I have no more constipation problems & endometriosis hasn't come back (I get regular internal ultrasounds to check ovaries). I'm also eating healthy - lots of fresh fruits/veggies - limiting sugars - & exercising (dance & speed walking). I hope you can get some help.

Oct 05, 2011
Abdomen pains
by: zinoms

i hve had pains and cramps on my stomach and my right an sometimes on my left abdomen side it come and goes its been along time now since i hve dis problem sometime my stomach feels like burning inside. i feel bloated and constipated and sometimes hve too much wind and gas its very paiful my stomach is always painful. please i need help.

Feb 14, 2011
Endometrosis Help
by: LK


I fully understand your symptoms of Endometriosis. I was diagnosed with the disease 12 years ago.

Laser surgery is something that you will probably go through more than once. This is necessary to keep the disease under control - especially if you have it so bad.

There are options open for you, one of which is hormone replacement which does help or an implant called Zoladex - Zoladex helped me considerably, the only thing I did not like about it was that it is uncomfortable to administer by way of an injection into your abdomen each month.

Although uncomfortable, again it does provide some relief from the symptoms. I am not sure if you are planning to have children, for some people a hysterectomy can help and for some who have help to conceive a child, they have respite for up to 18 months - not sure if the respite is due to the hormones - probably.

Jan 04, 2011
by: alisha

omg thank you soo much!!
that really help alot! i am glad to have found this site :)

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