Endometriosis & Candida .... bowel pain, ovary pain???

by Tonya

I am suffering as I type with lower left bowel pain. I had surgery in August 2011 to diagnose and "treat" Endometriosis. Within 1 month of surgery ( and my Dr. said he burned out tons of lesions) and that my ovaries looked very bad.

I was experiencing morning sickness for about 9 weeks and not able to eat much. Then I got the flu, and then pulled a muscle, then got a severe sinus infection so I did not eat much at all and lost over 20 lbs.

When I started eating again, I started having debilitating lower left abdominal pain. Everyday, all day, and constipation. Laxitives, cleansing products, Milk of Manesia, anti fungal (natural herbs)... nothing was helping.

I started using a cookbook called Nourishing Traditions and fermenting foods. It has helped, but I have not stuck with it. When I eat grains, unfermented, and sugar, I get debilitated... like today.

The pain goes all the waay through to my back and is similar to the pain I have experienced with and ectopic pregnancy.

I had 2 Chronic and severe yeast infections in my last 2 pregnancies (6 & 7)and was on tons of antibiotics as a child and after my 5th child due to mastitis.

I take probiiotics and eat sugar free yogurt, but that is not enough. I think the endometriosis has damaged my colon severely and I don't know of any Doctor who can help me at all.

I suffered from severe constipation as a child and was on the Standard American diet. Every time I got sick I had to take penicillin or get a shot. I think I have always had endometriosis especially after watching a youtube video on normal periods. I have always had terrible menses and severe pain. I am amazed that I was not infertile until this past year.

I was debilitated with abdominal cramping, pain and endo. for 3 weeks of every month for 8 months before having surgery. Breastfeeding all of our children staved off periods for 18 months or so each time until this last baby it was 1 year, and I continued to nurse him until after I had surgery.

I hate this pain, and am feeling hopeless. I feel guilty for not being able to be the wife and mom I used to be.

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Sep 12, 2015
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by: Jacob

I always afraid about surgery. There are many types of causes for such kinds of pain. Causes of bowel pain are unknown.

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