by M.L.Sharma
(Bhiwani { Haryana } India)

I am a CAPD Home Dialysis pateint since 3 months .

Dr. instructed to take an injection of Encifer 10 ml / 100 ml with IV set weekly . Whenever I taken this i felt the pain at the same
site of spleen . The injections are compulsory to treat Anemia . Is there any other medication to short the pain .. Dr. advised to take tablet Ultra set .

Yes. Encifer contains iron sucrose. It is used in treating anaemia - low blood count, due to reduced iron levels in the body.

In combination with another injection called erythropoietin, it is used in treating iron deficiency anaemia in patients undergoing dialysis, like in your case.
It can also be used in that combination in other patients with severe iron deficiency anaemia.

Abdominal pain is one of the recognised side effects of this medication. The pain could be anywhere in the abdomen, including the upper left abdominal region where the spleen is. This is because the spleen is one of the organs that not only store blood, but help in the filer of debris from the blood.

How are you coping with the pain, Mr Sharma?
True, you could use alternative preparation, if the pain is unbearable. Have you discussed this with your doctor? What does he thinks?

If your iron level is not terribly low, and you are eating and drinking well, you could switch to taking Ferrous sulphate tablet - 200mg Three Times Daily in combination with vitamin (Ascorbic acid), 200mg Three Times Daily, to aid absorption.
This will also provide very good iron

You must discuss this with your attending physician and be sure he approves it as an alternative to encifer, before going for it.
Please not note hesitate to contact us again, should you require any further help.

Your Partner To Good Health.


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