Dosn't know what to do???

hi I'm a 15 yr old female. I went to the doctors about 6 weeks ago due to having a racing heart rate about twice a day. they did 2 ECG's and they were normal. they then referred me to have a 24hour ECG, of which I have just received the letter.

however I am no longer experiencing the racing heart rate. I am experiencing sudden pain in my right upper abdomen which radiates towards my right shoulder blade. the pain is there constantly for about 30 mins and then goes away. I am completely fine between these periods of time but they seem to come about 3 times a day.

I have no long term medical conditions and am no medication other than the odd antihistamine for allergy's. I have had no previous operations.

I am wondering whether I should go back to my GP and tell him about these new symptoms or just have the 24 hour ECG. what could these symptoms mean?


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