diahrreah attack coming on but could not go

by J
(United States)

I am 35 years old.

Medical Problems In The Past - Myomectomy (failed & left ovary sucked into incision), emergency hysterectomy w/ left oopherectomy, emergency right oopherectomy (rt ovary adhered to abdominal wall w/ multiple cysts), Myasthenia Gravis, hashimotos thyroiditis, Ehlers danlos hypermobility type, bicuspid aortic valve with insufficiency

List Of Current Medicines - Mestinon, IVIG, prednisone, estradiol, synthroid, methotrexate, folic acid, multivitamin, vitamin b complex, calcium, vitamin d, fish oil, morphine er, senokot, milk of magnesia, adderall, zofran

Allergies - Erythromycin, dilaudid, Claritin, adhesive tape, vicryl sutures.

Hello, I know I have multiple complex medical issues & am on a ton of meds but I've had a severe change of events recently in regards to my bowels and abdomen. All my life I've suffered IBS w/ alternating diarrhea and constipation. However for the past 4 days it has gotten much worse. My typical pattern is diarrhea followed by 2-3 days of constipation, followed by another bout of diarrhea. This had gone on since I was a child.

4 days ago I felt a diarrhea attack coming on but could not go. I had full blown cramps, joint pain, and bowel sounds but no bowel movement. This was quite painful but by the next day the pain subsided. In the evening of day 2 I was able to pass three small, hard, pieces of stool. Then left lower abdominal pain of a gnawing variety sprung up. Anytime I move & at times just sitting I have severe lower abdominal pain.

I also noticed when I wipe there is a small hard lump and external hemorrhoids. Using a mirror I discovered 4 hemorrhoids the size of a nickel each. They are blue & there is a small hard lump in one.

Yesterday it got so bad that I also tried milk of magnesia and prune juice with each meal though I don't have much of an appetite. This morning the lower left abdominal pain is near unbearable. I'm using a heating pad, drank 2 cups of black coffee (not typical for me), and am in the recliner with a heating pad.

I should note I have been
moving as much as possible with short walks & stretching

I can hardly do anything without severe pain. The pain is so severe it wakes me from sleep and the morphine isn't helping.

My daughter was born with intestinal malrotation & midgut volvulous, I'm worried about a twisted intestine or hernia

Give me some direction as to what my next step should be and if there is anything else natural I could try.

Dear Jennifer

What an experience you've had! I am really sorry to learn about all the difficulties you've gone through and still go through. You sound very positive, despite the mammoth health challenges you've had. That is great.

I do not think you have a twisted intestine, as your pain would have been increasing, your abdomen swollen and you will be vomiting. If you are having any of these symptoms, you should please call your healthcare provider and be seen immediately. What you describe tells me that you have now developed severe constipation with tenesmus - tenesmus is the medical term used to describe that feelings of wanting to pass stool, but not being able.

The constipation has worsened the symptoms of your ibs, as well as brought on the hemorrhoids. It also sounds like you now have a blood clot inside the hemorrhoid (thrombosed hemorrhoid) causing pain and blue coloration you've described. The constipation is most likely the cause of your abdominal pain too.

What I will suggest is that you go to the ER, be examined to exclude mild form of bowel obstruction and possibly have an x-ray and blood tests to be sure.

Once all is confirmed to be due to constipation, you will need some laxatives.

The thrombosed hemorrhoid will go on it's own, but you will need some good pain killers as well as sitting in warm water with salt, twice a day and after every bowel opening.

I hope this helps.

Please do not hesitate to come back with more specific query, if there is anything you want me to address further.

Many thanks for using our free online consultation services.

Good Health To You.

Dr Edema


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Dec 25, 2012
Thank you so much for your reply
by: Jennifer

Dr. Edema,

Thank you so much for your reply. After K emailed you the laxative combo
finally worked. I took great care not to strain and cleared everything out
through the course of the day. I also called my GP & am going to continue
taking milk of magnesia at bedtime along with using a steroid cream for the
hemorrhoids. She gave me some signs to watch for regarding a trip to ER.
Hopefully the worst is behind me (no pun intended:).

Have a wonderful Holiday and again think you for your service!


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