Diagnosed with Epiploic Appendagitis

by Yasmine Nunez
(Dubai/ UAE)

I felt a bit nauseous for a week, off and on, then one day I woke up with severe pain in my appendix area.
I didnt have Diarrhoea nor vomiting, but when I went to hospital the doctors thought they will have to remove
my appendix. They did all kinds of bloodwork, and ultrasound and CT scan, first nothing showed as there was fluid around the appendix until
they did a contrast CT scan. Then they came back with this diagnosis, the inflammation was outside the appendix and not inside.
It took me a week to recover, I was extremely tired and couldnt leave the house nor clean or walk around a lot.
After I started working again- I am a dancer and dance fitness teacher- I felt it from time to time like a small pain which was quickly gone.
4 weeks later I got food poisoning which triggered it again with the most severe pain. After a couple of days with very strong anti inflammatory it is getting better, but now am wondering if it would be better to remove the appendix, cause if this keeps on coming back and back?
Today is the third day of appendagitis pain and the seventh of the food poisoning. I havent been to the hospital yet and dont know if I should
since they cant do much about it?

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