cystic right ovary with raised amylase levels

by prasad

My daughter aged 8 years got severe abdomen pain about 5 months ago. When we consulted gastroenterologist, he preferred CT scan and MRCP scan to diagnose any pancreatic problems. But the reports say no such symptoms. But one of the ultrasound scan reported cystic right ovary(enlarged tight ovary with multiple follicles). IS there any such chance at 8 years age? Further from then the the serum amylase levels are high( 900U/L). Actually we consulted 3 doctors. But all the three are concentrating on pancreas only. What could be the reason?

Hello Prassad,

Thanks for contacting us. I can imagine the distress you are in, not knowing what is going on with your daughter's health, after seeing up to 3 different doctors because of an unexplained raised level of amylase in the presence of ovarian cyst, and normal pancreas.

I agree with the findings that your 8 year old daughter does not have pancreatitis, despite the raised level of amylase, since this has been cleared by both the examination I believe, and MRCP and other test.

From the story you provided, what has clearly happened is that your daughter had a twisted right ovarian cyst that caused her severe right sided abdominal pain. This also lead to the release of high levels of amylase.

There are over 20 other causes of raised amylase levels, other than pancreatitis. There are numerous documentations in the medical literature, for over 70 years, of the relationship between ovarian cyst and raised amylase levels. You may want to read an article in a recent medical journal that sounded so much like the case with your daughter, except that this occurred in a 25 year old lady. I hope this story will help to allay your fears.

What you will need to do now, is to be referred to a gynecologist to review your daughter, in view of her ovarian cyst so that this be investigated and dealt with, if necessary. Most times, these cysts do not need any treatment, if they are simple cysts. However, if they keep twisting on and off or are looking suspicious, then they may require removal.

Please see the journal referred to here at Pancreatic-type hyperamylasemia and hyperlipasemia secondary to ruptured ovarian cyst: a case report and review of the literature.

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I hope everything goes well with your daughter.

Dr O. Edema


Pancreatic-type hyperamylasemia and hyperlipasemia secondary to ruptured ovarian cyst: a case report and review of the literature.
J Emerg Med. 2010 May;38(4):463-6. Epub 2008 Nov 7.

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May 23, 2013
Right sided pain
by: Chantelle

Hello I am chantelle I have problem I have right sided pain which is raditating into my groin doctor told me I have an inflamed cyst that was 2 weeks ago but he instantly said appendicitis I had them out last year, I keep getting feverish and very uncomfortable and am at wits end please help

Nov 19, 2012
your reply helped me very much
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply. I feel u are exactly in the way of the actual reason for the pain. I consulted a gynecologist. But she could not reply immediately . She told me to come after 2 days so that she can analyze to investigate the reason for the pain. Can u suggest what investigations and tests are necessary?

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