continuing flank pain after cholecystectomy

by k

hi, please help me!

im 29, female and in pain! i had a cholecystectomy a year ago. i continue to have a dull ache in my back under my right ribs/flank. the pain often radiates up to my shoulder blade. i've had an mrcp and chest xray which were both normal. the dull ache is always present but gradually intensifies to severe over a week with no apparent trigger and then goes back to a dull ache again. i've also had local anaesthetic injections which have not helped.the pain was present before the cholecystectomy alongside pain from have tried numerous medications such as low dose amytriptiline/gabapentin/codiene/diclofenac/paracetamol/tramadol. the doctors/surgeons don't seem to know what it is.

currently i take paracetamol, codiene and diclofenac with minimal relief.

previous medical history:
keyhole laparoscopy x2
polycystic ovaries
no allergies

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Nov 07, 2012
pain too
by: fairyfay

I have exactly the same symptoms and tried same meds as yourself. I'm so worn down by the constant mainland impact onqquality of life. I'm about to be 're referred back to the original surgeon in the hope he can help identify what's happening and hopefully provide some relief but if I'm honest I'm not hopeful. Good luck and please post how u getting on.

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