Constant pain in right side of abdomen

I started feeling pain in my right groin area about a year ago and finally visited the doctors a month ago.

I was sent for an ultrasound, which confirmed that all my organs were fine except my liver which was classed as fatty. I am overweight but not immensely.

I was advised that this is not life threatening etc and to keep my diet under control as this could eventually escalate into diabetes.

This pain has now subsided a little but I am now experiencing pain higher up on my right hand side, level with my belly button.

If I lie on my right side in bed, it is particularly painful. It hurts when I press on the area and if I stretch it feels as though the Area is pulling. I do not have sickness, loss of appetite etc and cannot think what it may be.

I cannot feel any protrusion indicating a hernia but I did suffer with a bad cough/chest infection last year for which I took antibiotics but it did not clear fully for approximately 7 months.

My name is Lesley, I am female and 52 years old. I would class myself as quite fit and healthy however, I do take fluoxetine, which I am positive is helping me manage the menopause. This was originally prescribed for a different reason. I do not take any other medication.

Thank you.

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