constant dull aching nauseating pain

by Shar
(Indiana USA)

I started to have lower right quad abdominal pain in July, 2016....accompanied by severe nausea , vomiting and extreme fatigue.....since that time I have had CT scans, blood work and Xrays, been in ER 3x, overnight hospital stay

family Dr numerous times and a Gastroenterologist.

I am so frustrated and it has lessened my quality of life.

It seems it does not matter what I much I eat or if I eat at all.

The pain is gnawing and always present. It is aggravated by walking or any exertion...even running a vacuum.

ER Drs and my family Dr think it is IBS, but I have had that for years and never felt this pain and it usually affects the entire lower GI. Also, I don't have all the symptoms of that either.

Also, I was been diagnosed with Diverticulosis 5 years ago with a colonoscopy and it never bothered me plus everything I read contradicts some of my symptoms. I was put on a 20 day regimen of Flagyl for Diverticulitis and it never changed anything...still in pain.

I am extremely fatigued. I have no energy and I cant do much without the pain flaring. I just want to know what is causing this so it can be addressed.

I am a cancer survivor so naturally I worry about any thing that can not be diagnosed.

Anyone ever have this? If so please respond.

Thank you!

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