Can Zantac Cause Extremity Tingling/Numbness?

by Lisa M.

I was prescribed Zantac 150 mg for gastric burning and discomfort. About 3 hours after taking it, my feet started tingling and were slightly numbish. Tingling/numbness also took place on upper legs, hands and arms. The tingling would come and go, but was more often in my feet (which were cold). I got up and walked around, got shivering cold, sat down and put on a blanket. Then I got too hot, but feet remained cold. (My temp was taken at outpatients earlier and all my vitals were fine.) Tingling in legs, hands & arms were occasional for about an hour. In feet, lasted about two hours.

Could this possibly have been a reaction to the Zantac? Should I try it again or go to something else (like Diovol)?

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