biliary colic without stone in scan report

by Edson
(South Africa)

I have a pain in my right abdomen which started more like a sharp pain on the rib above the abdomen and eventually moved down.

The symptoms are just like those mentioned for Biliary colic though I do not lose appetite of feel tired or dizzy.

I hv had an abdomen ultrasound scan, and the results say there is no signs of cholecyststis or gall stones, with kidneys no signs of of reneral stones, hydronephrosis or parenchymal, Pancres and Retroperitoneum no masses of fluids. The aorta has a normal calibre. N o para-aortic lymph nodes. Spleen- appears within normal limits. no free ascites fluid or abdominal masses are noted. Both the psoas muscles and fossa iliaca appera uncomplicated. That is the scan report.

I am now confused and do not understand were the problem could becoming from. The pain seems to be increasing with time. I have had a shoulder problem after an injury during gymnastics training 15 years ago and the problem has persisted. Could this have contributed in anyway?

I also have a gastric problem and experience pain when stomach is empty or when I am too full. I will see the doctor again but I just wanted a second opinion.

I am 40 and have no prior medical problems except for the shoulder.

Regards Edson

Hello Edson,

Thanks for joining in from South Africa. Why biliary colic is certaining not the only possible cause of right upper abdominal pain, you could still suffer with such pain, even in the absence of stone inside your gallbladder. Strong contraction of your gallbladder could bring about such pain in some individuals.

What about other possible causes like costochondritis, or even pulled muscle?

You could try a healthy low fat diet for gallstone suffers to see if it helps.

WebMD & Director,

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