Belly Button Pain

by roger

I had colon surgery there was perforation and after 3 months I've been getting this rotating pain around my belly button right/left - above/below belly button.

I went to ER about a month scan was clean - no temperature - good appetite just pain.

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Aug 07, 2015
by: roger

Thanks for your input. My surgery.....still scars from belly button down [kinda like a big butterfly].

My latest cat scan...couldn't find anything except
there may be some scar tissue the ER doc stated.

I'll wait until X Mas time to see if there's progress.

Thanks again for your response,

Aug 07, 2015
Belly Button Pain After Surgery
by: Omatseye Edema MD

Hi Roger,

Was your surgery a minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic)?

Adhesion (scar tissue), inadvertent stitching of the omentum - a spread of tissue the floats and covers the abdominal cavity under the muscles, also called the policeman of the abdomen, against teh abdominal wall in front around the belly button, or a small incisional hernia around the umbilicus or belly button could all cause the symptoms you have described.

The CT scan would pick up an incisional hernia but may not pick up an omentum stitched against the inside surface of the belly button or an adhesion.

The good news is that this is unlikely to cause any long lasting damage. The passage of time - maybe another three months, may help in the resolution of this pain. Should the pain be unbearable, please see your family doctor for adequate pain control. You may even befit from re-referral to the original surgeon who operated upon you.

Please should you have any specific question on this issue, do not hesitate to come back here and raise it.

Wishing you a lightening recovery.

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