bad abdominal pain on the left side

by Lee-Ann Elmes
(Australia, Terang , Victoria)

have very bad abdominal pain on the left side just above left hip and to the right. It is a stabing pain it is in the front not the back so not kidneyes have had kidneys in the past so know what that is like.

Hello Mrs Lee-Ann Elmes,

Thanks for using the abdominal pain forum. We really would like to help with your query, but noticed that you have very little information to help us make any useful conclusion about the cause of the bad abdominal pain on the left side, just above your thigh.

How old are you? Any significant past medical problems? Are you on any medications?

Is this pain new... did it come on suddenly? Is it affecting your appetite? Any change in the way you and frequency you go to the loo to poop or pass urine? Any change in the color of your stool?

What about recent un intended weight loss?

These are specific information you could supply to help us.

Thanks again for using this services.

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