Appendectomy to hemi-colectomy due to goblet cell carcinoid

by Elizabeth
(Las Vegas, NV 89128 )

I am in severe pain all the time.

For the last 4 years I was in and out of the ER until one day they said that my appendix was inflamed.

They took it out only to tell me there was a rare tumor inside called golblet cell carcinoid.

It may have spread to my colon so I went on to have the coletomy.

Well, I am pissed that I was treated like a drug seeker for all those years when in actuality, there was a painful tumor growing inside of me that grew up to 1.7cm, T2N0.

I also had MANY, MANY bouts ouf kidney stones in between all those hospital visits. I now have this lower left side stomach pain and they tell me it is NOTHING everytime I go the hospital.

I DONT WANT ANY PILLS, I just want answers and I need to not be in pain all the time.

Why won't anyone help ME? I want to die!

I had this stupid PCP that marked my medial files as if I was a drug seeker and now I am being treated as such everywhere I go!

I was in real pain and she neglected me, I feel that this is medical malpractice and yet I am still victim that was diagnosed with APPENDIX CANCER this past April. What can I do?

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