aches in my lower right side below my ribs

by Kristin
(Oak Hill, Oh.)

Can anyone help me and give me opinions....

Hello my name is Kristin and I will be 26 yrs next month. A few days ago when I went number 2, I saw that there was a good bit of bright red blood in it and after I started getting awful aches in my lower right side below my ribs. It has been about 4 days now and it is getting more intense with the pain. I am very concerned about this, but I have been trying to wait it out and see if it will go away, and I don't have insurance so I need to know what u all think....I don't wanna go to the doctors and be charged an arm and a leg for nothing. So, can anyone help me out and tell me your opinions please? Thank you so much.....God Bless!

Hello Kristin,

If for 4 days you continue to have right side abdominal pain and passing blood in your stool, I think it is worth seeing a doctor, even if for reassurance only that this is a bad intestinal infection. It could be diverticular problem or inflammatory bowel syndrome.

My strong advice you your Kristin is to see a doctor as soon as you can.

Please let's know how you fared.

Kind Regards And Best Wishes.

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