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Abdopain.com is a medical website providing trusted medical information on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of abdominal pain, written by qualified medical doctors with wide range of international medical experience, for patients since 2005. 

about abdopain

Welcome to abdopain.com.

We are truly glad to have you here on our site.

Finding trusted, medical information, can be difficult, despite the plethora of websites out there.

Even when you do find one, it can also be difficult to be sure that the information presented there actually relates to your particular medical situation. 

What about being able to get a well qualified doctor’s perspective on your particular symptom (s) or medical condition or indeed just a second opinion discretely, to help answer those nagging questions going through your mind from the comfort of your home or office, or even on the go?

That is where we come in. Abdopain.com is a frequently updated, evidence-based medical website written and reviewed by doctors with many years’ experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common causes of abdominal pain and a wide range of medical conditions. We:

  • Provide up-to-date well researched medical information on common causes of abdominal pain and related conditions here. Because the contents of the website are written by doctors alone, they bring in their experience to bear also in the information provided here from an insider’s perspective for your benefit.

  • Provide personalized medical information for individuals to answer specific abdominal pain related questions they may have free of charge and post same here online.

  • Also provide paid services for those seeking a second opinion on their health related query on any topic and such are not posted online, but by direct communication with them via email.

The information we provide here, including our paid services are for information purposes alone and is not a substitute for a one-to-one consultation with your doctor or healthcare provider, who obviously have access to your whole medical history and would be able to assess you in a more complete way than we could ever.

If you have a medical condition or symptom that requires urgent medical attention, please consult your doctor immediately.

Editorial Team

We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date, credible, medically referenced, reliable health information as good as it could get anywhere, here on abdopain.com.

To this end, we never outsource the writing of the information provided here to just any one, but only to doctors who have been qualified for five years or more and are in active medical practice. All our doctors are duly registered with the respective medical regulating body in the country or countries of their practice.

Our Editor-in-chief and main contributor is Dr. Omatseye Edema MD MSc MRCGP DRCOG CCFP.

Dr. Edema started abdopain.com as an hobby in the spring of 2005 as a trainee surgeon in Chelmsford, England. Within a few years, the site grew to receiving over quarter of a million visitors every single month at a time. We still have hundreds of thousand visits monthly and growing.

Dr. Edema completed his basic surgical training in 2006 (Orthopedics, Urology, General Surgery and Emergency Medicine) at the Mid Essex NHS Trust in England and then went on to work in Critical Care Medicine (ITU and HDU) at the King’s College Hospital London.

Dr. Omatseye Edema practiced as an ER doctor for quite some years as a Senior Clinical Fellow in Emergency Medicine in the United Kingdom and then joined the Eastern Deanery Vocational Training Scheme where he re-qualified in General Practice in 2013.

After a stint in General Practice in quite a few surgeries in London and the East of England, Dr. Edema took the Canadian exams and migrated to Canada where he now works, though he still maintains his registration with the General Medical Council UK as well as Membership of The Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP).

Dr. Edema holds a master’s degree from the University of Westminster, London and a Diploma of the Royal College of Gynecologists (DRCOG), England.

He continues to enjoy writing and providing top class medical information on this and many other websites.

Privacy Policy & Terms and Condition of Use

We take your privacy very very important. We vow never to disclose any information about you that will make you easily identifiable.

This include the protection of your personal email address and personal medical information, unless you provide such on our forum, or comment box yourself.

We would never sell your email or details to anyone. Never.

We advise users of our forum to post their query or comments freely but without their personal emails or telephone numbers on the comment box, as this could expose them to the risk of identity theft and we cannot in any way take responsibility for that.

Email addresses posted on the requested email slots on our forms are never shown publicly; so please feel free to leave us your emails if requested, and we promise never to disclose this to a third party, as per our terms of use policy.

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Authenticity of Our Content

We only post authentic content you can trust. If we are not sure, we would not post it.

We have done everything we could to make this site as credible and reliable as possible, providing trusted medical information for patients. We work to update this site regularly and steadily, but do not claim that all the information provided here are error free.

We therefore want to reiterate that this site is for information purposes only and we cannot and will not in any way whatsoever take responsibility for any damages that may arise from your use, or failure to use the information provided anywhere on this site or via the online medical consultation service, or due to a delay in replying to your medical consultation query or comment. Please see your doctor or healthcare provider for any medical issue.

Your use of this site or our online medical consultation service is construed as your total acceptance of these and all our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Many thanks again for visiting us. We really appreciate it. We hope you find this site useful and if you do, please let us know.


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