abdominal pain

by Ken

My name is Ken and I am a 40 year old man. My doctor said that he thinks that I may have a gallstone due to abdominal pain and pain in the lower right side of my back, but I have no insurance and opted not to have the ultrasound to see for sure.

I have had some abdominal pain for over 2 months now, off and on. I sometimes hurt along the right hip bone,and either right under or on the lowest ribs on the right. this is in additon to the off and on pain in the actual gall bladder area. I have had lower back pain which is unrelated to this issue for several years off and on, and I have reason to believe that the pain I was experiencing at the time of my doctor visit might have been unrelated to the abdominal pain.

I have had no fever during this time. My doctor visit was at the onset of the abdominal pain, and I have not seen him since. The pain seems to be less severe when I take a muscle relaxer for the back issue, but it doesn't necessarily leave all together. Any ideas?

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