Abdominal pain that has been going on for almost two months lower left that shoots into the back


I am 21 years old (female) and i have Abdominal pain that has been going on for almost two months, lower left that shoots into the back.

I have it constantly throughout the day and when I work harder it hurts more. There is also red blood in my stools and im constantly tired, i feel bloated all the time and when i lay down on my stomach because i cant sleep any other way i feel like im laying on a folded up pair of socks.

I've seen a doctor after the 2nd week of having it and she ran a urine test which came back with bacteria, she also said my colon felt inflamed so she prescribed an antibiotic.

After the week of it and it not helping I called back and she tested my urine again (full of bacteria) prescribed another round, took it for a week and nothing. Called back and she prescribed an ulcer medication and a CT scan.

The CT scan came back normal and I waited a week and the ulcer medication had not helped a bit so I called again. She said to come back in and she felt my stomach and told me to continue with my medication and scheduled a consultation with a gi specialist.

The pain was so bad one weekend I went into the er, they ran a urine test (clean) blood test (clean) pelvic exam (looked good) pelvic ultrasound (good except couldn't find right ovary because there was too much bowel gas) and a stool sample (normal)

They eventually sent me home with pain meds and told me to keep taking the ulcer medication until my gi appt and to schedule an appointment with an obgyn to rule out any other possibilities.

The gi doctor scheduled a colonoscopy which was normal minus my internal hemorrhoids which was causing the blood in my stool. He sent me home with more pain killers and told me he wanted to see me again in 4 months.

Fed up I have been keeping a daily log of what I eat, how hard work was, my bowel movements, and how bad the pain is throughout the day.

Nothing I eat makes the pain better or worse. The pain was so bad this week I called into the gi doc and asked what I should do and he said he didn't know and just wrote out another prescription for more pain meds.

I have never taken any of these pain meds because I don't want to mask the pain, I want to figure out the source. Upset with his answer I called my family doctor and she set up an appointment with a gynecologists next week.

I haven't gotten any answers so far on what it is or what it could be just answers on what it's not. Is there anyone out there who is going through this who might have an answer?!

I am desperate and so tired of seeing doctors and spending money not to mention I can't afford to take off anymore days!!

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