abdominal pain during my periods

by Angela
(south africa)

my name is Angela,2Xyears old.I have no allergies, or medication that Im taking. I have Abdominal pains on my lower right side and pain does not go away . I sometimes vommit and feeling nausea especially before my periods and after, but laterly the feelling of vommitting is always there. I went to gynaecologist and DR gave me medication to take to change my circle of periods as they where coming twice a month, i tried the medication but i will vommit and feel dizziness. I sometimes feel pains during and after having sex. I am asking for help because i dont know what could be wrong with me.

Thank you

Hello Angela,

What you described here sounds like another variant presentation of a condition called endometrosis. This is a condition where some women have the normal tissue that lines the wall of their womb in other part of the body away from the womb.

It classically causes unexplained abdominal pain, tends to be worse around the time of menses (periods) and there may be associated pain during sexual intercourse - deep seated pain.

Why not see a gynaecologist and get investigated further?

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