Abdominal Pain and Tired All The Time

by Monica Age 18

i have low blood sugar every now and then ranging form (99-100) adn smetimes feel faint and simply need to eat, and low iron, but i do not regularly take the iron pills. I am of small stature. Weighing about 116 oonds. I am on the depo-vera birth control and in a sexual relationship.

I am allergic to dirty pet fur and dust. I had and abortion sadly, it is the second time in hich i have recieved the shot.

But as of recently i have begun to feel pains in my lower abdomen as well as lower and mid back pain. Both sides of my lower abdomen as well as under my navel hurt. The pain doenst last long, nor do all parts listed hurt at once. It is either one side or the center. I have had a pregnancy test before and it turned to be negative but that was in the middle of the first shot. I had sex the first week and through out the trial of the second shot.

As of now i feel a tightness in place of where my uterus when i bend down or lay on my stomach. I do not urinate much maybe five times a day more or less.

The depo-vera does make me feel nasueas as i did my last pregnancy. I have at one point drank two 33 oz. bottles of water and my urine was still yellow. I was told that i may be developing a uti so i began to drink more water and cranberry juice. But just as well i am noticing my breasts have stuff in the center of them but I am not sure if it is from my bra.

My eating habits have increased as to where i'd eat 4-6 times a day. I have been tired through out the day but cna't find the time to rest. But then again ive felt as though im pregnant since i started the depo-vera.

I am unable to go to a doctor, and my partner is not seeing any other peole this i can assure. If i am pegnant again i want to know before its to late. I do not want to hurt my baby.

Hello Monica,

First, you will need to do a pregnancy test to be sure you are not pregnant... And a urine test to exclude a urinary tract infetion (UTI).

Have you been investigated for possible coeliac (celiac) disease?

With a combination of short stature, iron deficiency anaemia, tired most time, and intermittent abdominal pain, it screams of a likely diagnosis of coeliac disease. Do you suffer with some unpleasnt rash on top of all these as well? Why not explore this with your doctor? Do not delay. Do so as soon as possible, and this may turn your life around.

Dr O Edema

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