abdominal aortic aneurysm

by Rosemary

Well I do not know where to start.

My heart stopped beating in 2007 and my life has not been the same since.

To make this a short story. I have had considerable heart and body complaints over the years.

Where I'm at, at this point is I'm on medication to help the blood flow to my limbs for I experience freezing cooled hands and feet for long enough.

Noten for blood pressure and sozac for reflux to breath better.

Where Im' at, the moment is I have had a month off work because the pain in my left side around the back has increase. So much so it becomes hard to walk because your so bloated you have to sit down to get the blood pressure to help go down.

It was hard at work because that's where you work and you cannot hide yourself from your work mates. Even at home now its everyday especially at night. Exercise lifting, pulling, pushing make it worse.

I cannot see my GP til a week for a Ultrasound of the kidneys. It frustrates me I have to explain myself to them, for I'm in so much pain.Your wanting a answer to health problem that's had a impact on your life and nobody seems interested that your whole life is effected by the symtoms.

I understand the GP needs that answers on film then they will help you. But far out. I'm so tidied of this.

I'm currently looking for another type of work much lighter then Ages Care. I hope they can believe me so I can move on with my life full of accomplishments for what I can do. It's time for change.

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