abdominal aches (small area left side began 1 hour ago) intermittent and one minute apart

by Emily Brobst
(Springfield VA USA)

I am 79. An hour ago I began having localized aches about the size of a quart, I guess, occurring regularly about a minute apart, lasting one second. Thinking it could be ovarian cancer because I always suspect the worst!

Taking Actonel for osteoporosis and dorzolamide for left eye. Allergic to erythro ycin.

I think you mean (above) sickle cell, not sick

Dear Emily Brobst,

How encouraging to have seniors like you visiting us here at abdopain.com. You are right with the correction on the sickle, not sick. I will look to correct that soon. I think we need to employ a proof reader. Some of us who English is not their first language really still does struggle.

I am indeed sorry to learn of your abdominal aches along your left lower abdomen that comes on and off for a few seconds and is about a minute apart. You said the pain started only about an hour before you posted this online.

I also note that you you are worried about the possibility of this pain being due to ovarian cancer. Hmm. Apart from your "always suspect the worst", is there any other reason you thought that this pain might be due to ovarian cancer? Is there a friend or perhaps a family member you know with ovarian cancer?

There is absolutely nothing in your story to suggest that your pain could be due to ovarian cancer, and I honestly does not think it is. Ovarian cancer would:

  1. Cause little or no pain initially and not sudden onset pain that goes off and on for seconds. No. Almost never.
  2. There is likely to be associated bloating and abdominal swelling, if it has reached the stage of causing abdominal pain
  3. There would be associated weight loss and loss of appetite
  4. These symptoms typically goes on for months.
Would you say you have most of those symptoms just described. No. I wouldn't think so.

It sound more like you must have had trapped wind or perhaps a localized muscular twitching in your lower abdomen.

I believe the symptoms must have gone now, by the time you are reading this reply. Has it not gone away?

I will suggest that you see your family doctor and discuss your fears with him or her. Perhaps, a few blood tests and scan of the ovary could be organized if he or she thinks they are necessary to allay your fears. What do you think Emily?

Remember: I do not think in any way that your symptoms are due to ovarian cancer. No. Not for a split second.

Thank you again for visiting us here at abdopain.com and please do not hesitate to contact us again, should you require any further information or help.

Good Health To You, Emily.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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