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US online doctors’ consultation is increasingly becoming widely used.

There are clear advantages in such use, but like in any field, fraudulent ones lurk out there to deceive and exploit the unwary.

For any of the causes of abdominal pain mentioned in this site, you can find a US Online doctor to consult.

Before using any online service, it is strongly advised that you verify the status of the person turning up as an online medical doctor or physician.

You can use the doctor finder link at AMA Doctor Finder page.

The US Food and Drug administration department continue to provide useful guides on the purchase of online medical items.

Their advice can be applied to online doctor consultation too. Their link is provided below.

The following are widely used US Online doctor Consultation portals.

Phoneconsultation Physicians Network

They provide online medical consultation in states across the US. They specialise in anxiety related issues, stress, weight loss and more. Please check if they service your state here


I – Medsource are a US wide online medical providers what will provide medical consultation and prescription to you for chronic medical conditions.

There have a wide selection of US registered physicians and pharmacist. You can check them out at MedSource.Com

Useful Links

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International Online Doctor Consultation

AMA Online Doctors Finder

US Online Doctors Guide To Free Prescription Medicine


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