PID Symptoms

PID symptoms presents as a cause of lower abdominal pain in women of child bearing age. Fever, vaginal discharge, nausea and or vomiting and lower abdominal pain are the main constellation of signs and symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory diseases or PID is a leading cause of lower abdominal pain in women. Early recognition of the PID symptoms and prompt treatment is the main stay of overcoming this monstrous illness that affects over a million women in the US annually.

Pelvic inflammatory disease may not be that easy to diagnose. The symptoms of PID largely depends on the causative organism, and whether it is acute PID or chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Symptoms

PID symptoms in its acute or early and severe stage include:

  • Lower Abdominal Pain. Almost all patients with symptomatic PID complain of lower abdominal pain. The pain is usually felt around or above the bikini line on both sides. The pain may be a dull gnawing ache or severe cramp like lower abdominal pain. The abdominal pain may be worse at night, or worsened by movement.

    There is often associated deep seated abdominal pain during sex, called dyspareunia in medical parlance.

    This pain can be reproduced by the examining finger of your physician, if he or she gently touches and move your cervix during an internal examination… called cervical excitation tenderness.

  • Vagina Discharge. Most women suffering with PID will have an unusual vaginal discharge. It is okay for some to have whitish discharge from the vagina. Even thrush or Candida of the vagina is usually thick and white, hardly becoming offensive in odour.

    If a woman starts to notice an increase than usual in her vaginal secretions, and this becoming pus-like or foul smelling, then this may be a PID symptom. There are off course other causes of foul smelling vaginal secretions, and these needs to be investigated by a physician.

  • Fever. Lower abdominal pain, associated vaginal discharge, with fever, nausea and or vomiting is the surest pointer to the presence of a pelvic inflammatory disease. These PID symptoms together with or without laboratory evidence are enough to commence treatment. Temperatures may rise above 38.5 degrees centigrade.

    It has been noticed that PID due to gonorrhoea infection causes more severe acute illness more than those due to other infection.

  • Painful Urinating. Pain or burning sensation on passing urine may be one of the PID symptoms to look out for too. It could also occur in urinary tract infection without PID.

  • Vaginal Spotting and Irregular MensesIn long standing pelvic inflammatory disease, patients may find out that their menstruation may become erratic and prolonged.

    They could also cease to have menstrual flow from month to month, or even find out that they continue to have blood spotting which could take any pattern.

    PID symptoms are not totally unique to PID. Disease in other parts of the body mimics PID. A constellation of signs and symptoms are require to be make a diagnosis of PID and in deed, any disease.

  • Swollen Abdominal Mass or Object. If pus collects, or as with tuberculosis as a cause of PID, patient may find that one side of the abdomen is swollen, and may be tender to touch.

If you have any or a combination of the above which could constitute PID symptoms, it's time to see the doctor… and pretty quickly. You can do so from the privacy of your house through online medical consultation.

You could see further symptoms of PID in the chronic PID symptoms section.

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