4 weeks abdominal pain left side

by Jacqui


I had my left tube and ovary removed end of july on my left side. The recovery has been really long and for the last 4 weeks my tummy really hurts on the left side. The pain comes and goes but is worse when I move, eat and drink, my left leg also becomes swollen.

Hi Jacqui,

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I am sorry to learn that you needed to have your left tube and ovary removed. That in itself is a lot to go through.

To continue to suffer with tummy pain each time you move or eat or drink brings on an even greater challenge. And you said this has been going on for at least an additional four weeks!

It is most likely though, that the pain you are experiencing could be due to the tissues still recovering from the operated upon area. How do you feel in yourself? Apart from the pain you described and your swollen left leg, do you feel well in yourself?

Sometimes there could be a small collection of fluid and scar tissue around the space where the tube and ovary was removed, leading to blockade of the lymphatic channels that drains fluid from the leg on that side. This could result in the leg swelling you have described.

If you do feel unwell in yourself in anyway, it would be important that you go back to see your doctor. He or she might decide to do some blood tests and perhaps even an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound scan to be sure there is no other concerns.

Was it something like this you were hoping to get help with?

Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is any other specific query on your mind. We sincerely pray you recover fully and swiftly and be able to get back to your normal life.

Best Wishes,

Dr O Edema,

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