4 month old baby girl with andominal distention and pain on right side

by Tushar

X-ray on 2nd mrch

X-ray on 2nd mrch

My baby girl started with vomiting that followed by crying. We took her to the doctor who prescribed the glycerin suppository and anti colic drugs and do peritoneal.

She passed the stool 2hrs after giving suppository.

But as soon as we started feeding her she again started vomiting and crying continuously. We immediately took her to doc, and died her sonography and x rays.

Sonography was normal but x Ray revealed the aspiration pneumonia.

Same day we admitted her for pneumonia but following day she had severe abdominal distention

And x rays revealed many dilated bowel and trapped air. By evening, distention was reduced as baby started passing gas and stool with the help of enema, air fluid levels on the x rays were also less, but the pediatric surgeon is insisting on surgery laparotomy.

We are worried.

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