tough time remember what i study and learn

by malachi


I am 14 years old and i am having tough time remember what i study and learn please help me...

Hi Malachi,
Thank you for stopping by here at the abdominal pain forum to find out how to remember things better - things you study yourself and those you are thought. Even though your query is not directly a medical one, that you've come in here to raise this issue clearly shows that is it a matter of very high importance to you. Moreover, I can still remember how I suffered with similar problem during my days in secondary school. So, I have decided to post these memory improvement tips here that I found useful myself, and I sincerely hope that if you can apply these tips, you will overcome your problem of "having tough time remember what I study and learn" significantly. Before listing the tips to greatly improve your memory at school, let's review some memory housekeeping tips:
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How To Remember Things - Top Memory Improvement Tips"

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